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ENERGIZEr movement breaks to bust fatigue & boost engagement!


No matter how incredible the content, sitting for hours on a live or event, conference, training day, sales kick-off or meeting, often leads to fatigue, disengagement and an aching body. No speaker, client or event professional wants their audience to be struggling to stay awake, be distracted or uncomfortable. But with back-to-back presentations, it can be challenging to find the time or even know how to combat the negative effects of sitting too long.   

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Lizzie’s energiser sessions are a science-backed moment to help bust brain and body fatigue. These personalized breaks are a creative, meaningful way to keep up attendees’ energy and engagement during breaks throughout an event, conference or meeting. With just the right song themed to the event, for as quick or as long that fits your agenda, Lizzie gets audiences taking a fun moment to stretch, move, dance, meditate and more, leaving them pumped for what’s ahead and raving about your event.


Lizzie has put smiles on the faces of tens-of-thousand attendees around the world on both small and large-scale meetings, training days, events and conferences. She is based in Sydney Australia and travels the world working with pretty much every industry including architects, actuaries, banking, education, food, government GPs, insurance, marketing, medical, nfps, pharmeceutical, retail, sales, service, software, tax, tech, vets and more. She has energised audiences at events featuring President Barack Obama,  Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Michael Mosley and the Dalia Lama. 

how to energize and engage your attendees

World-renowned presenter, Lizzie Williamson ‘the ‘excuse-buster from Down Under’, tailors her energiser breaks to perfectly fit the audience, theme and agenda on your virtual, hybrid or in-person event conference or meeting.

Boost Comfort with Easy Stretch Breaks

Boost Energy with Get-Up-And-Move Breaks

Boost Mood with Feel-Good Dance Breaks

Boost Concentration with Mindfulness Breaks

Boost Focus with Simple Meditation Breaks

Boost Alertness with Rise-&-Shine Yoga Activities

Boost Interaction with Exercise Activities

Boost Connection with Learn-A-Dance Activities

Boost Health with Cook-Along Activities

Boost Engagement with any of these Breaks!

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A few years ago, Lizzie would be in the audience at conferences and at certain times of the day (usually mid-morning, post-lunch, mid afternoon or during sessions that required lots of focus) people would start to shift in their seats, looking around and stifling yawns. And she would think, if only I could get up on stage, turn on a great song and get everyone stretching, moving, even dancing together for even just a couple of minutes, the whole energy and engagement in the room would shift. So as a certified personal trainer and ex-professional dancer, that’s exactly what she started doing. 

“We had Lizzie at our conference to help with our focus on wellbeing and to keep people energised throughout the day.  I wasn’t sure how the crowd would react but they were up and out of their seats in no time, and every time she approached the stage for the rest of the day people jumped up ready to go with her next moves”  

Book Lizzie on your conference, event, training day, or meeting for stretch and movement activities to break up the day and make your attendee’s wellbeing a priority. Easily fits in between speakers or at the beginning/throughout/end of breaks. 

Makes for fantastic photos and video footage for future promotions. Get ready to have your attendees smiling, connecting, and taking back to their work some quick and easy tools to transform their day.

“Lizzy’s breaks really lifted the mood in a technical heavy conference.”
- Tara Grimm, Event Manager, The Tax Institute.

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Offer your clients, team members or attendees something special with Lizzie’s VIRTUAL or PRE-RECORDED Energiser Breaks. Lizzie will personalize and tailor them for the theme, audience and agenda, plus the timing of your breaks (anything from 2-minutes to 2 hours!) Or choose from Lizzie’s ‘off the shelf’ 2-minute videos. Audiences around the world are thanking organizers of events for giving them a much-needed energizer break in-between speakers, during scheduled breaks or to complement on-demand content. 

Watch the engagement in the chat go crazy after Lizzie’s breaks!

Videos can be made available on demand to and created to take care of attendee wellbeing pre/post the event (eg. posture-check-ins, end-of-day stretches, workday exercises). 

“Highlight of 2020.”
- Julius Solaris, EventMB, Event Trends 2021 Virtual Event.



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