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With back-to-back meetings, ‘zoom fatigue’, working from home, plus mental health issues on the rise (more than three-quarters of people claim their mental health has worsened since the outbreak of COVID-19), it can be challenging for people working at a desk to get up and take breaks. Sitting for hours every day often leads to fatigue and lack of focus plus increases the risk of heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, depression and even premature death.



The good news is that you don’t need to spend hours away from your computer to meet the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for breaking up sitting time. Microbreaks can greatly improve employee’s physical and mental health resulting in a reduction of absenteeism, stress and injuries. Lizzie Williamson’s Two Minute Moves makes it super easy to have team members disrupt long hours of sitting by taking a mircobreak to move and stretch so they get back to their workday with renewed energy, focus and happiness.

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Tens-of-thousands of team members around the world from small to large-scale workplaces are using Two Minute Moves to boost morale, performance and happiness at work. Lizzie has worked with a wide range of industries including architects, actuaries, banking, food, government, GPs, marketing, medical, nfps, pharmaceutical, retail, sales, service, software, tax, tech, vets and more. 

Tailored to your values and priorities

Catered to all ages & fitness levels

Great songs and lots of interaction

Professional video/audio provided

No equipment or extra space needed

The Sessions

Book world-renowned fitness presenter, Lizzie Williamson, to energize, engage and connect your remote or in-the-office employees.

Boost Comfort with Easy Stretch Breaks

Boost Energy with Get-Up-And-Move Breaks

Boost Mood with Feel-Good Dance Breaks

Boost Concentration with Mindfulness Breaks

Boost Focus with Simple Meditation Breaks

Boost Alertness with Rise-&-Shine Yoga Activities

Boost Interaction with Exercise Activities

Boost Connection with Learn-A-Dance Activities

Boost Health with Cook-Along Activities

Boost Engagement with any of these Breaks!

The Packages

energiser BREAKS FOR the workday

Want to offer team members something special to boost their motivation and energy plus makes a positive contribution to  their physical and mental health? During a regular long meeting or workday, schedule Lizzy for a virtual energizing stretch and movement break. An easy way for team members to build connection, learn a new welling habit, and have a laugh together. 


Thank you so much Lizzie for the energy you’ve bought into our Wellbeing Month focus. We’ve had such great feedback from attendees. You’re energy and positivity is infectious!

- Lauren Uhlmann, People& Culture Advisor, Suncorp

energizer BREAKS FOR CONFERENCES & events

Combat meeting fatigue and inject some energy, wellbeing and fun into long meetings, AGMs, conferences and training days to enhance team-building, connection and engagement These Wellness Break Sessions can be Pre-Recorded or Lizzy can come on live.  Contact Lizzie or check out the Events page


‘We had Lizzie at our conference to help with our focus on wellbeing and to keep people energised throughout the day.  I wasn’t sure how the crowd would react but they were up and out of their seats in no time, and every time she approached the stage for the rest of the day people jumped up ready to go with her next moves. 

It’s not just the moves though – it’s how Lizzie explains why such simple (and joyous) movements and breathing techniques can completely change your energy throughout the day – something we can all use in the day to day stresses of life and work.  Everyone took a lot away from it, and I’ve been asked multiple times if she can come back next time!

- EM HOGAN, Secretary, NSW Department of Customer Service


Dubbed the ‘Excuse-Buster From Down Under’ by the US media, Two Minute Moves founder, Lizzie Williamson, has a toolbox of tips and hacks to make exercise a whole lot easier (and fun). With her super-achievable action steps and her own relatable true story, Lizzie will motivate and inspire your team to get moving more so they can be their most happiest and productive selves at work each day.


The research on how movement helps boost mood, focus and creativity.

Quick and simple techniques to reduce stress, anxiety & overeating.

Creative ideas to keep physically and mentally well both individually and as a team.

How to ease pain and discomfort from sedentary sitting.

Easy ways to increase incidental exercise and why it’s vital.

Ways to protect against screen and body fatigue.


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