Lizzie Williamson's Two Minute Moves

Micro Movement Breaks To bust fatigue & boost engagement


Now, more than ever, we need to be taking care of our physical and mental health. But in our busy lives, some days it just feels too hard to find the time, to remember, get motivated or to even know how to start.

Two Minute Moves makes it easy to bust your excuses with quick, meaningful wellness breaks you can use to stay productive, healthy and happy. 

Founder Lizzie Williamson is known around the world for helping event and company managers keep audiences and employees safe, engaged and connected with fun and motivating bite-size wellbeing breaks.

Two Minute Moves are designed to BOOST energy, focus, interaction and wellbeing plus BUST Zoom fatigue, stress, distraction and body discomfort.

All you need is two minutes. You can do 2-minutes!

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Hi, I’m Lizzie, dubbed by the US media as ‘the excuse-buster from Down-Under’, and as the founder of Two Minute Moves, I’m on a mission to help people integrate little moments of movement in their day to transform the way they work and feel.

Two Minute Moves came about from my experience of finding exercise and self-care almost impossible to do when I had post-natal depression. I couldn’t find the motivation, the time, the energy, in fact, it was the last thing I felt like doing. But what I discovered saved and changed my life. I made a decision that might not have felt like like much but in fact made a big difference. 

Just do two minutes.

Now with over fifteen years of experience as a fitness presenter and personal trainer, plus the regular fitness expert on Australian television, I share my Two Minute Moves with companies, conferences and individuals around the world to help people discover the transformation a little moment of movement can make.

Lizzie Williamson x

ps. Find out more on how Two Minute Moves can inject some energy, fun and wellbeing into your event HERE or workplace HERE.

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